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Welcome to Y's Page (English pages are under construction)

Hi, my name is Yoichi Oguchi (Yoichi is my first name). I made this website to show you something I have been and am involved in (except for my occupation).

Y's page does not mean Wise page. It is merely a code name when I was using in development phase :-)

Let me show you around.

Disease and Medical Treatment

Aichi Hemophilia Society (English page is preliminary version)

A blood disease called Hemophilia and a patient's group in which I take the chair. "Aichi" is prefecture where I live.

News - Hemophilia, HIV, Blood Products (Japanese page only now)

History about HIV infection via Blood Clotting Factor - My View from a hemophilia patients group (English pages to be constructed)
In Japan, most of people with HIV via contaminated blood clotting factors are people with hemophilia. Do you know how pharmaceutical company sold Non-heated Blood Clotting Factor Concentrates? I will show you an explanation in a hemophiliac association in Aichi Prefecture.

To a friend passed away unreasonably (English pages are preliminary version)
A friend of mine passed away with HIV. I introduced him to HIV law suit. Here is a short history of he and I .

Link - Hemophilia, HIV, Medical Incident (To Japanese sites)(Japanese page only now)

My Hobby

Amateur Astronomy(Japanese page only now)
There was a group "Lunar Section, Lunar and Planetary Observers of Japan". (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Simon & Garfunkel 's Music (Concert report、etc.)(English pages to be constructed)
My favorite folk-rock artist Simon & Garfunkel (Including Paul Simon solo and Art Garfunkel solo).

My Guitar (Japanese page only now)

E-mail to me: .

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